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OCTOBER 1, 2004

Da Matta, Bourdais and Newman Haas

Carl Haas says that Sebastien Bourdais and Bruno Junqueira will remain his drivers in the Champ Car World Series next year.

"We'll run the same two drivers," Haas said. "I have contracts with both of them and they're obviously happy with that."

But the American racing magnate also confirmed rumours that the team might decide to run a third car for F1 refugee Cristiano da Matta.

"I've spoken to his agent. In fact, I had a phone call last week with Cristiano," he said. "I've got the highest regard for him and I don't think what happened in Formula 1 had anything to do with his talent as a race car driver. I feel bad for him that that occurred. I think da Matta wants to continue to race but I don't think he has anything put together yet and I don't have anything put together yet for a third car. But we're exploring it. We definitely would have to find some additional sponsorship because it's hard to cover everything as it is for two cars. It would be great if we could put it together, but I sure can't commit to it today."

Bourdais is believed to have a contract which would allow him to race in Formula 1 if the opportunity arose.