"Masses of interest" in Jaguar Racing

Mark Webber, San Marino GP 2004

Mark Webber, San Marino GP 2004 

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Tony Purnell, the boss of Jaguar Racing says that there is "masses of interest" in the team, which the Ford Motor Company has decided to discontinue.

"Formula 1 generates a lot of people who want to take a chance and we are sifting through the realistic buyers from the chancers," he said. "There is masses of interest and I think one has to be fairly confident that a solution will be found. The whole process is a confidential one, so I am not going to talk about any individual bid, but rest assured, I have contacted every potential buyer that I know of and I have to say one of the big challenges at the moment is finding time to sleep because it is a global business so I am getting phone calls night and day."

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