Jordan to analyse engine situation

Eddie Jordan

Eddie Jordan 

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Eddie Jordan says that his team is analysing the situation withe regard to engines for 2005. The team recently came close to concluding a deal for Jordan Grand Prix to use Toyota engines next year but the deal has been scuppered because Toyota wanted certain technology to be maintained in exchange for its commitment to support the smaller teams and help them to survive but the authorities vetoed the deal because Toyota wanted to see some cutting edge technology left in F1 engines. Our sources at Toyota say that the deal would have been worth about half the cost of the current engine supplies and may have included the transfer of Toyota driver Ryan Briscoe to Jordan.

Unless a new deal can be struck with Toyota (the most likely outcome) Jordan's only choice for engines would be to use old Cosworth engines, run by another engineering company. These could be supplied by Ford as part of a settlement but as it is not yet clear whether or not Jordan had a contract for 2005.

"Jordan will presently analyse its position with regard to engines," Eddie Jordan said. "On a slightly happier note, I'm proud that history will record Jordan as the last team to win for Ford in its current campaign, at the Brazilian Grand Prix 2003."

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