More pushing and shoving on engines

BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Honda have proposed radical plans for the F1 engine regulations for next year in their bid to stop the FIA imposing two-race engines. At a meeting in Paris on Wednesday they proposed that the rules remain with engines being used for one race weekend only with the new engines being fitted into the cars on Saturday mornings. These engines would then have to be used for practice, qualifying, the race, any testing between races and then Friday testing at the next event. That would have the effect of doubling the life of the engine and reducing the amount of expensive testing that is done. As part of the deal the manufacturers say they would each contribute money to an engine fund to help fund independent teams. The FIA will now consider these proposals.

The manufacturers involved are still threatening to take the FIA to arbitration if it tries to impose 2.4-litre V8 engines in 2006 although FIA president Max Mosley dismissed this challenge as being based on a "footling" point.

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