GM Daewoo becomes Chevrolet

General Motors has made the potentially significant decision to rebrand its GM Daewoo range as Chevrolet in Europe and is planning for a new range of cars to be introduced into the European market starting in January. GM's strategy is to position Chevrolet as its affordable entry brand for developed markets and as a volume mainstream brand for emerging markets. Chevrolet-branded cars built by GM Daewoo Auto and Technology are already being sold in Central and Eastern Europe, in North and South America, in Asian markets and in South Africa, and GM sales have been strong. The move into Europe is the next step and there are 1800 dealerships across Europe which will soon be rebranded as Chevrolet, making it logical for the company to embark on some form of rebranding publicity programme, which logically might include activities in motor sport.

The intention is to make Chevrolet a global brand and at the same time to overcome negative perceptions of Daewoo which have resulted from the financial problems of the former Daewoo Motor company, which was taken over by GM in 2002. Up to now the only Chevrolet brand available in Europe was the Corvette. GM has considered selling its domestic US products in Europe, but new product czar Bob Lutz (a big F1 fan) has been concerned that quality standards would not meet expectations in Europe.

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