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SEPTEMBER 11, 2004

Mosley wants new blood in F1

Max Mosley says he wants to see new teams in F1.

"There are one or two teams which are not finding it easy to continue and so we have to think of them and try to do what we can to keep it together," he said at Monza. "If all these rule changes go through and it all works as it should do and we have a really good season in 2006, which I think we will have, and then you will probably find one or two new teams will come in and the whole thing will start to regenerate. The unhealthy aspect of Formula 1 at the moment is that we haven't had any new teams other than Toyota. We need the professional racing teams again, which always have been the backbone of Formula 1. There are at least four that I know of outside who would like to come but contrary to popular belief it's not the $48m deposit that is stopping them, it's the availability of competitive engines. If we can get them competitive engines they'll be in because they don't have to put up $48m in cash, they have to put up a bank guarantee and anyone who's got the means to do F1 can do that. The problem that confronts all of them is getting a competitive engine and building a chassis that is halfway competitive.

"We are very conscious of these things; it's what we are working on."