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SEPTEMBER 10, 2004

FOM to take over more TV coverage in 2005

The latest whisper in Formula 1 circles is that the Formula One group is to increase its role as the host broadcaster of F1 races in 2005. This is great news because it means that the quality of the programming will be assured as Ecclestone's directors and camera crews understand the importance of what is going on in races and will not simply allow the cameras to follow the leader or the local hero.

We hear that next year FOM will provide the broadcasts in Australia, Malaysia, Bahrain, Turkey and Belgium and may also get the deals to cover Canada, the United States, France and Britain. There is no guarantee that all these races will actually take place and it has yet to be agreed that there will be 19 races. This does not seem likely at the moment because the teams are demanding serious amounts of money to pay for another extra race and there is serious doubt over the British Grand Prix. There may also be question marks over France and San Marino.