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AUGUST 31, 2004

Minardi extend Cosworth deal for 2005

The Minardi F1 Team today announced an agreement with their current engine partner, Cosworth Racing, for the supply of power units in 2005. Minardi will be provided the Cosworth TJ engine, the same powerful, 90-degree V-10 used by Jaguar. This will provide the Faneza based team with enhanced performance from its 2005 car.

"Cosworth Racing is very happy to renew its partnership with Minardi for 2005," said the company's Commercial Director, Bernard Ferguson.Ê "We have long-standing ties with the team, and continue to feel that its fighting spirit and independent status in Formula One render it a more-than-worthy partner.Ê As ever, the new season will bring with it fresh technical challenges for the engine manufacturers, as well as the need for near-continuous performance improvement combined with a very high level of reliability.Ê We believe the Cosworth Racing TJ power unit will help to provide Minardi with a strong package next year."

Announcing the agreement, Minardi Team Principal, Paul Stoddart, said, "Cosworth has been a great technical partner, providing the team with powerful, reliable, and cost-effective engines.Ê This latest arrangement, which will see Minardi running the same top Cosworth power units as Jaguar, will undoubtedly give Minardi a considerable boost by providing the team with the opportunity to fight some of its F1 rivals on a more level Ôplaying field'.Ê On a personal note, I very much look forward to continuing with what has become a truly excellent relationship."

The final specification and technical details of the power units to be supplied to Minardi in 2005 will be confirmed once the Formula One technical regulations for next season have been officially confirmed.