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AUGUST 15, 2004

Williams and Newey

The gossip mill was working a bit too much in Budapest with stories suggesting that Adrian Newey is to return to Williams in 2006. This is complete rubbish and seems to have been started to disrupt the team as it tries to fight back after a poor season.

Newey's contract with McLaren does end next summer and Frank Williams has said that if Newey was available he might consider him but this was a theoretical answer rather than a specific response to a direct question. Stories suggesting that Williams might be willing to give Newey shares in the team were greeted with amusement by Williams, who is well-known to be unwilling to cede equity to anyone. This was the root of the problem when Newey left the team to go to McLaren and Williams has not changed his attitude.

The team is making a few changes to the technical structure at the moment but Sam Michael remains the man in charge and has the full support of Williams and his partner Patrick Head.