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AUGUST 15, 2004

Race incidents from Hungaroring

At the start of the parade lap Rubens Barrichello was low off the line but he was able to get the Ferrari going before the last car had passed him and so was able to retake his position on the grid. Further back however Gianmaria Bruni had a problem too and he had to drop behind Felipe Massa for the start.

* Lap 1: The Ferraris got away well with Michael Schumacher and Barrichello going into the first corner comfortably ahead of the fast-starting Fernando Alonso. Takuma Sato was fourth ahead of Juan Pablo Montoya and Jenson Button but by the end of the first lap the Japanese driver had fallen behind back to eighth. In the midfield there was excitement as Ricardo Zonta was tipped into a spin by Giorgio Pantano after he was caught out a rapidly slowing Mark Webber. Zonta rejoined at the back but had overtaken Zsolt Baumgartner by the end of the first lap. The order as they crossed the line was Michael Schumacher ahead of Barrichello, Alonso, Montoya, Button, Trulli, Raikkonen, Sato, Giancarlo Fisichella and Antonio Pizzonia. Behind them came David Coulthard and Webber.

* Lap 3: After three fastest laps Schumacher was 2.5secs ahead of Barrichello, who was 2.2 secs ahead of Alonso.

* Lap 4: The first overtaking manouevre saw Zonta pass Bruni for 18th place.

* Lap 6: Schumacher's lead was up to 3.1s with Barrichello 3.9s ahead of Alonso. At the back of the field Massa passed Pantano for 16th place.

* Lap 10: Another fastest lap put Schumacher five seconds clear of Barrichello. Alonso was the first pit caller and so Montoya moved to third. Kimi Raikkonen dropped down the order from seventh to 11th. Fisichella was an early pit caller and fell from eighth place to 17th.

* Lap 11: Barrichello, Montoya, Button, Trulli and Coulthard all pitted while down at the back Zonta was another pit visitor.

* Lap 12: Schumacher stopped and emerged still in the lead. Third-placed Sato also stopped, while further back Raikkonen, Olivier Panis and Massa all pitted. Christian Klien had an off in his Jaguar.

* Lap 13: Schumacher and Barrichello were 1-2 more than 10 seconds ahead of Pizzonia (who was still to pit). Alonso was fourth with Mark Webber up to fifth, Montoya sixth, Button seventh and Trulli eighth. Down at the back Raikkonen went into the pits and retired with a mechanical problem.

* Lap 14: Pizzonia stopped and dropped back to ninth place. Nick Heidfeld also stopped and fell from 10th to 13th. This put Webber up to fourth.

* Lap 15: Klien had his first stop and fell from 12th to 17th.

* Lap 16: Webber stopped and fell from fourth to 11th.

* Lap 18: Massa stopped and had the nose of his Sauber replaced. He fell back to 17th.

* Lap 21: Massa retired in the pitlane. Ferrari mechanics were working on one of the refueling machines.

* Lap 24: The order is the same with Schumacher's lead up to 6.7s and Barrichello 17s ahead of Alonso. Further back Webber lost time with a spin while Zonta had another pit stop.

* Lap 28: The second pit stops began with Sato.

* Lap 29: Alonso stopped and Montoya moved to third place.

* Lap 30: Montoya stopped, followed into pit lane by Button and Fisichella.

* Lap 31: The stops continued with Barruichello, Trulli, Webber and Panis all stopping

* Lap 32: Schumacher had his second stop and emerged 8.5s ahead of Barrichello. Alonso was still third by almost half a minute behind Barrichello. Zonta slowed and stopped beside the track.

* Lap 33: Pizzonia stayed out longer once again and so was briefly fourth before pitting and falling back to seventh place.

* Lap 41: The order was still the same with Schumacher 13s ahead of Barrichello who was more than half a minute ahead of Alonso. Montoya was fourth ahead of Button and Sato with Pizzonia seventh. Trulli slowed and came into the pits to retire.

* Lap 46: The final pit stops began with Webber dropping from 10th to 11th.

* Lap 47: Sato pitted and dropped behind Pizzonia.

* Lap 50: The pit stop sequence continued with Barrichello and Pizzonia stopping. This does nothing to change the order. At the back Pantano retired with mechanical trouble.

* Lap 51: Schumacher had his final stop. Alonso also pitted.

* Lap 52: Montoya is the last man to stop and he rejoined in fourth place.

* Lap 53: Schumacher lead by 18s with Barrichello half a minute ahead of Alonso. The order behind was unchanged all the way to the finish, although Pizzonia went off at one point but did not lose a place.

* Lap 70: Ferrari finished 1-2 to win the team the Constructors' Championship. The massacre was over.