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AUGUST 10, 2004

More silliness over Button

There has been a further outbreak of madness today about the future of Jenson Button with BAR putting out a statement saying that the Contract Recognition Board has "acknowledged that as of today Jenson Button is the only valid contract registered for the 2005 season". This means nothing.

Williams responded by pointing out, quite rightly, that the CRB has not "endorsed the validity of this claim, but have simply confirmed receipt of BAR's documentation". This does not mean that the contract is valid.

The CRB has still to determine whether or not BAR has correctly exercised certain option clauses in its contract with Button and whether or not that means the contract for 2005 has expired or not. Williams also pointed out that the CRB is not the final decision-maker when it comes to contracts as the dispute could be referred to law if one or other of the parties involved does not agree with the CRB ruling when it comes.