BAR appeals

Takuma Sato, German GP 2004

Takuma Sato, German GP 2004 

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British American Racing has appealed against the decision of the FIA Stewards at Hockenheim to ban the team from using an "electro-hydraulic software controlled device which connects the front wheels via drive shafts and allows controlled torque transfer from a faster wheel to a slower wheel even under braking". This would result in smoother cornering but was not allowed by the race stewards. BAR believes that the device is acceptable under the current rules and the interpretation of the rules is being challenged and will now be decided by the FIA International Court of Appeal on August 9 in Paris.

The appeal has been presented by the Motor Sports Association on behalf of its licence-holder British American Racing GP Ltd. If the appeal is accepted BAR will be allowed to use the device at the next race and, no doubt, the other teams will also adopt the system as quickly as is possible.

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