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JULY 28, 2004

Fisichella signs for Renault

Giancarlo Fisichella has signed to drive for the Renault F1. The Italian drove for the team between 1998 and 2001 but was unable to score any major results and on several occasions he threw away potential victories. It was not until he was at Jordan in 2003 that he was able to finally win a Grand Prix and that was a lucky win in Brazil when the race was stopped during a pit stop sequence. The victory did, however, revitalize Fisico and for the last 16 months he has been a very strong driver, despite the fact that the Sauber was not a very competitive car at the start of the year. When a car is right, Giancarlo can be devastatingly quick but he tends to fall asleep when things are not going as well. The decision from Renault is odd in that there is really nothing wrong with Jarno Trulli's performance's this year - and he remains the only man to have won a race for the team in 2005.