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JULY 27, 2004

Candidates for the GP2 series

The new GP2 series may be struggling to attract teams from the FIA International Formula 3000 series but it should be remembered that there are several other championships which could supply the teams needed to get the new series off the ground. The obvious ones are the World Series by Nissan and the Renault V6 Eurocup, which are merging next year to form the World Series by Renault, which is supposed to act as a 420bhp Dallara-engined series. GP2 says that it will use Dallara chassis with 650bhp. With a change of equipment necessary whatever happens, some of the teams in the existing World Series and in Renault V6 will be looking to move up to GP2. There are several teams which have been in Formula 3000 in the past, notably DAMS and KTR and a series of ambitious young teams alongside some more experienced outfits like Saulnier Racing, Carlin Motorsport, RC Motorsport and David Price Racing. There are several Franco-Spanish teams which will obviously have ambitions, notably Gabord Competicion, Pons Racing and Epsilon Euskadi, while Switzerland's Jenzer Motorsport and a variety of Italian teams might also wish to step up, while some of the Eurocup F3 series teams may also decided to try to develop their business by moving up the ladder. The most likely to move are French-based ASM (which is dominating the F3 series this year) and Team Signature.