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JULY 12, 2004

Maseratis wow F1 media

The support races at Grands Prix are rarely given much attention up in the Formula 1 Media Centres but at Silverstone on Sunday there was some excitement when Matthew Marsh, sometime Formula 1 Correspondent of the South China Morning Post, won the Trofeo Maserati race at Silverstone, sharing his car with feisty TV presenter Vicki Butler Henderson.

"My life's ambition has been to appear on," said Marsh, "and there is no way that you can avoid putting up a story about me now."

The rather confused race came to an abrupt end after a large accident but Marsh and Butler-Henderson emerged from the carnage in the lead, having timed their compulsory pit stop brilliantly to coincide with the unexpected red flag. Butler Henderson was so surprised to discover that she had won the race that her first reaction to the news was "Won what?"

This did not stop the pair celebrating wildly on the podium nor Marsh having his life's ambition fulfilled.