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JULY 10, 2004

Now here's a good story...

The Winston Salem Journal has come up with an interesting story about NASCAR star Jeff Gordon, suggesting that the multiple champion is "the subject of more hot Formula 1 rumours, this time linking him to a possible ride with the super-star Williams team and with Bernie Ecclestone possibly willing to pay part of the salary".

"I'm so deep into NASCAR that it would be really hard to pull that off," Gordon told the newspaper, "but I never say never. I've won four NASCAR titles so it's not like I'm dying to have another one. I have a contract, and we have obligations, and I'm an equity owner in these race teams. It's much more complicated than anyone could ever imagine. I always like to laugh at these opportunities that were never there when I was young enough to be able to make that move. Now I'm into my 30s and implanted into this sport, and it would be a very difficult thing to pull off. And I don't even know if I could drive those cars. But it sure was fun doing it last year, and it sure is fun talking about it."

But Gordon said that he loved the idea of the rumours.

"I love it, I love it, I don't mind it. I wish it was true. I have had talks, and I have had interest there, but I have had no offers. Going to Formula 1 is one thing. Going to a competitive team that can win is another thing. And winning a championship is a whole other thing.

"When I drove the car for Williams last year it was probably one of the greatest experiences I've ever had in a race car. It certainly piqued my interest, and I've been to a couple of races now."

However Gordon said that he still doesn't think it is "a realistic thing".