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JULY 10, 2004

Renault heads for Lyon

The Renault F1 team is to run an R24 car through the streets of Lyon, France's second biggest city, on September 5. The car will be driven by Fernando Alonso and the team's test driver Franck Montagny. The demonstration will be part of a day of activity celebrating Renault's achievements in motoring and in the sport. The event will be the latest in a series of street demonstrations by Renault which have included Madrid and Moscow.

Lyon has a long motorsport tradition with three different French Grands Prix having been held on road circuits in and around the city. The 2004 circuit will run from the Place Bellecour on a one mile course along the banks of the Rhone river.

Ironically, the most famous event at Lyon was the 1914 race in which Georges Boillot took on five Mercedes factory cars and lost - at the wheel of a Peugeot.