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JULY 9, 2004

Webber future

The only real talking point at Silverstone has been the negotiations going on over the future of Mark Webber. The talks with Williams are well-advanced but it seems at the last moment some of those involved have been introducing new offers, presumably in an effort to push up the price. There are rumoured to be offers from Toyota and Renault and while no-one has really been able to explain why Webber would want to go to either team rather than Williams, it has been slowing down the deal-making. It seems that getting a deal done for 2005 is the first step before Williams begin to discuss whether or not it will be possible for Webber to move to Williams this year. If not the team must decide what to do. Marc Gene has so far done a decent job without being particularly inspiring and the team must decide whether to stick with him or to try the second test driver Antonio Pizzonia or perhaps go for another choice.

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