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JULY 8, 2004

Shake-up at Cosworth

There is to be a major shake up at Cosworth Racing with Technical Director Nick Hayes handing over to a new generation of engineers. Hayes has been with Cosworth for 20 years, having joined the firm as a designer in the F1 division in 1984. According to the team's press release Hayes is now planning to "take time out from the stress and pressure of constant competition and development to consider new opportunities". It remains to be seen whether or not this means he has been hired for a job elsewhere but as Cosworth is a company famed for its V8s and Hayes was a wellknown V8 designer that is quite possible as the F1 world looks to a future with 2.4-litre V8s.

As part of the restructuring the Formula 1 department is being split into two divisions: Race Engineering and Future Engines, each will report to the Cosworth board of directors.

The Race Engineering team will be headed by Simon Corbyn, a veteran of the Cosworth Racing graduate programme, while Future Engines will be run by Alex Hitzinger, the man responsible for leading the team that developed the successful Ford Duratec R World Rally Championship engine.

"Obviously it is with sadness that Nick leaves the company," said managing director Tim Routsis, "having made an enormous contribution to Cosworth's success over the years and been an integral part of the company. However, these are changing times in the sport of Formula 1 and we must react to those changes and adapt our practices accordingly. I am confident that the teams of engineers under Simon and Alex will bring fresh and innovative thinking to the development of Cosworth's future Formula 1 engines."