Goldsmith wants London GP

The promoter Harvey Goldsmith has admitted that he is trying to put together a London Grand Prix. Goldsmith told The Evening Standard newspaper in London that he believes a race in London is feasible but is having problems with the bureaucracy although London's controversial mayor Ken Livingstone is supporting him.

The newspaper quoted Livingstone as saying that "we would need to negotiate about routes and costs, but I'm definitely backing a Grand Prix for London. The Grand Prix is already a phenomenal global spectacle. This is truly big business, and London's economy and tourist industry would benefit significantly."

Goldsmith, who has a long and successful history as an event organizer in the city, said that there is "a layer of bureaucracy in London which basically doesn't want anything to happen - ever. These people spend their whole lives finding thousands of reasons why a concert in Hyde Park, or an Olympic torch ceremony, or a concert in Trafalgar Square, can't happen. Nobody wants to accept liability or take responsibility."

But Goldsmith says that an event is possible.

"You've got to find a circuit that's safe, interesting and offers good viewing." he said. "There would be problems because this is a very busy, overloaded city so to deal with the disruption wouldn't be easy."

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