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JULY 1, 2004

Ralf unhappy with US doctors

Ralf Schumacher is not happy with doctors in the USA who sent him home afteer his 190mph accident at Indianapolis with two fractures in his spine left undetected. Schumacher went for tests at a German clinic earlier this week and the fractures were discovered. He has been ordered to spend the next three months wearing a corrective corset.

"I could not believe that they did not recognise the injuries in Indianapolis," he told reporters. "They did a lot of examinations but did not pick it up. I'm angry that they did not wait and put me on a plane the next day."

It is unusual for there to be complaints about the treatment that drivers receive at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, a facility which is famed for its care of many badly injured CART and IRL drivers and has significant experience in motor racing injuries.