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JUNE 28, 2004

A lively day ahead

The Formula 1 Commission meets in London today to try to find a solution to the ongoing political and financial battles in Formula 1 with the teams and the FIA locked in a dispute over the rules and regulations, worries about escalating costs and long-term stability and promoters who are fed up with having to pay F1's collosal race fees without being offered as good a show as might be the case if F1 was not as greedy as it is. The meeting is expected to be fairly lively with FIA President Max Mosley expected to tell the team bosses that if they do not agree to rule changes, he will force them through on the grounds of safety. This is likely to lead to several team bosses threatening to go to arbitration against the FIA.

The F1 Commission is the body that ultimately decides the rules of Grand Prix racing although its decisions must be verified by the FIA World Motor Sport Council. There are in theory 26 members of the Commission including one representative from each of the teams which are signatories of the Concorde Agreement (there is room for 12 team representatives). There are two sponsor representatives, one tyre company representative, one representative from an engine manufacturer. In addition there are four promoters from European races and four promoters from events outside Europe. The commission is presided over by FIA President Max Mosley and the holder of the commercial rights of Formula 1 - Bernie Ecclestone - is the final member.