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JUNE 19, 2004

Webber gets souped-up Cosworth

Mark Webber will be using a slightly uprated Cosworth V10 this weekend compared to the the engines of his team mate Christian Klien and the two Jordan drivers. This appeared to be causing some stress on Friday when Eddie Jordan was spotted in animated discussions with Jaguar Racing boss Tony Purnell but it seems that Purnell managed to calm down the voluble Irishman.

"Eddie does get the same engine as us," Purnell said. "The contract allows for a significant upgrade mid-season, which will happen. There's small variations between the engines, but on the whole, up to this race I can honestly say we could have picked the engine number out of a hat and distributed them that way. This race we've got an upgrade that we're trying with Mark. We've just built one engine and see how it goes. There's always a risk when you try an engine for a first time. But we're trying to as much as practically possible keep the engines on par."