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JUNE 17, 2004

London street event to be held at rush hour!

The Formula 1 demonstration run on the streets of London will be held at rush hour on Tuesday July 6. The event, which is being run by the Regent Street Association, the Crown Estates and Harvey Goldsmith Productions will take place between 6pm and 8pm and will run on a circuit which will start at Waterloo Place, at the bottom of Lower Regent Street and will go up to Picadilly Circus and from there into Regent Street itself. It will run up to the DH Evans department store and then turn to the right through the pedestrian precinct outside the London Palladium and then on to Marlborough Street opposite the Liberty's department store and from there back on to Regent Street for the run back down to Waterloo Place. The cars will run one at a time and then for a grand finale will all run together around the course. The event is likely to be watched by anything between 100,000 and 250,000 people and we understand that TV coverage is open to all stations.