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JUNE 17, 2004

Berger's heart still beating for F1

Former BMW Motorsport boss Gerhard Berger says that he will be back in Formula 1 one day in one form or another but he has no plans to become the boss of the Ferrari F1 programme. Rumours of such a move started recently when Berger went to China to drive a Ferrari F1 at the launch of the Shanghai circuit.

"It makes me very happy that people are thinking of me," Berger said when denying the story, "but I am currently happy with my break, but I know that my heart is still beating for Formula 1 although I cannot predict when and where I will come back."

Berger has a good understanding of how Formula 1 works and would be a good recruit for a couple of the current teams which are struggling to make their programmes successful. We have heard suggestions that he might be in line for a job at Toyota although there is nothing to back up the stories.