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JUNE 17, 2004

Renault and Phantom Works

The Renault F1 Team has done a deal to collaborate on technology with Boeing's Phantom Works research and development organization. The two companies have just signed a memorandum of understanding to investigate technology collaboration projects of mutual interest.

"There are interesting similarities between the technologies required to develop Formula 1 racing cars and aerospace products," says Miller Adams, the Vice-President of Boeing Technology Ventures. "We are very pleased to commence this collaboration with the Renault F1 Team."

There is no specific word on what the two companies will develop but there is obvious potential for many different areas of development not least for Renault but also for Boeing which can learn from the rapid response management techniques in F1 racing.

Phantom Works has been involved in many developments in recent years with the various Boeing commercial airliners but also with the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, the C-17 transport plane, the Space Shuttle, the Apache helicopter and the AWACS.