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JUNE 15, 2004

What Jean Todt actually said

It has been widely reported that Ferrari boss has said that he does not want to replace Max Mosley as president of the FIA but this not at all what Todt said. Todt said that Mosley is doing "an outstanding job" but said that he was not sure if he really wants to do the same thing as Mosley. This does not mean that Todt does not want to be put in charge of the sporting side of the FIA nor does it mean that he will not take the job in a year from now. At the moment he is busy in his new role as managing-director of Ferrari-Maserati but that does not mean that the Frenchman will want to go on doing the same thing for ever.

"Now is now," said Todt, "and the future is the future.''

In other words, anything is possible.