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JUNE 8, 2004

Minardi to host two-seater Grand Prix in South Africa

The Wilux Minardi Cosworth team is to send its fleet of two-seaters to South Africa go take part in a charity event called "The Altech South African F1x2 Grand Prix". The event will take place at Kyalami on August 9 and proceeds will go to charity. This has led to public support for the event from former South African President Nelson Mandela, who has called on Formula 1 drivers past and present to take time out of their busy schedules to attend the event. Mandela will be sending out personal invitations to all the F1 teams and drivers.

"This has all the makings of truly remarkable event," says Minardi boss Paul Stoddart. "I'm sure it is going to be hugely successful and I will be asking all of my colleagues in the Formula 1 paddock to attend and lend their support to this most worthwhile of causes."