Ralf creates more problems for himself

Ralf Schumacher, Spanish GP 2004

Ralf Schumacher, Spanish GP 2004 

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Ralf Schumacher is not very comfortable at Williams this year - but this situation may not last much longer if the German continues to shoot from the hip with comments about the team. In Monaco Ralf attacked Williams team boss Patrick Head for spreading rumours about Ralf's performances this year.

"Sometimes he just goes off with himself a bit or doesn't think about what he's saying or he's very emotional

about things," Schumacher said. "It's not the first time it happened to me within Williams. Obviously we are all under pressure, we all want to deliver, we try desperately to deliver and because of it sometimes things go a bit wrong."

"I think Patrick is sometimes looking for something that happened 20 years ago. It really depends on whatever he feels on the day. He's a very motivated guy, still tries everything to give us a winning car and believe it or not I enjoy working with him. Ninety percent of the time we get on well."

Schumacher's contract with Williams ends this year and there is no doubt that he will leave the Williams team. Ralf seems to be under the impression that he will be moving to Toyota but we hear that a debate is going on within Toyota bout whether hiring Schumacher is a good idea.

Williams, however, is not wellknown for putting up with drivers who speak their mind openly and Schumacher could be in danger of being booted out of his current drive if his performances do not improve dramatically. The only logical move for the team if that were to happen is to put test driver Antonio Pizzonia into the car to prove whether or not the Brazilian can deliver in racing conditions. Pizzonia has been impressively quick in testing time and time again but there remains a question about his racing ability because of what happened last year at Jaguar Racing.

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