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MAY 18, 2004

New pitlane in Monte Carlo

There will be a new pitlane in Monaco this year giving everyone a lot more space in which to work. Each team will now have its own garages rather the tiny working areas that were previously used. This will mean that all the teams will now be able to have their cars in the pitlane rather than in the paddock or in a nearby underground car park. The new area has been created over the last 18 months with the reprofiling of the section between the Swimming Pool and Rascasse last year and in the course of the last 12 months the construction of a wider new esplanade. The new pit area which will now open towards the harbour rather than on to the street as in previous years and the pits will have offices upstairs. The timing areas will remain where they have always been but these are behind the garages rather than in front of them. A new 6000 seat grandstand will oversee the new pitlane. The work has cost the Principality something in the region of $35m although there will other benefits from having a wider esplanade, where new events can be held and offices and workshop space has been created beneath the new structure. The track has also made some changes at the chicane where the run-off area has been increased.