Palmer and the Portuguese

According to newspaper reports from Portugal Former Formula 1 driver Jonathan Palmer, who is now the owner of Brands Hatch, has been found guilty of negligent homicide, arising from a car crash in November 1996, which killed Norwegian former rally driver Rein Fallo Stattum. The accident took place when Palmer was driving a Honda Prelude for a promotional film. The court heard that Palmer overtook another car in a corner in the hills near Sintra and collided head-on with a Ford Sierra being driven by Slattum. The Norwegian's car ended up in a ravine. Palmer was treated in hospital in Cascais but returned to England the same day. Palmer was charged in 1998 but the case was delayed several times before the Portuguese decided finally to go ahead and on Thursday a judge ruled that the former Tyrrell driver was guilty. According to the local press the offence would normally carry a jail sentence of seven months but Palmer will not face that punishment as there was an amnesty in 1999 for sentences under one year.

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Stories:: MAY 14, 2004