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MAY 5, 2004

F1 should not fear Turkey

Given that the Formula 1 circus is due to visit Turkey next year, it is worth noting that the country's security services have just uncovered a bomb attack which was being planned for the NATO Summit, which is due to take place in the city at the end of June. Sixteen people have been arrested and bomb-making equipment has been seized. The alleged terrorists are members of Ansar al-Islam, a group affiliated with al-Qaida.

Turkey is keen to show the world that despite having a population that is 99% Muslim it can control the more radical elements and the NATO Summit is one of the biggest international events to be held in the country in recent times.

The government insists that the city is safe and has increased security to make sure it remains that way. There have been a series of terrorist attacks in Istanbul in recent months, not least the killing of the British consul in a bomb attack last winter.