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MAY 4, 2004

A Swiss circuit

The plans for a Formula 1 circuit in Switzerland have been revealed and the track, which the promoters hope will be built near the town of Moudon, in the hills behind Lausanne, have already been drafted by F1 circuit designer Hermann Tilke.

The plans for a track in Moudon are not new, having been around since 1999 when the Automobil Club der Schweiz approached the local authorities and asked for land to build a circuit for driver training and testing. At the moment the three local authorities involved in the communes of Curtilles, Lucens et Moudon are looking at the feasibility of the project while attempts are being made to repeal the law which bans all motorsport competitions in the country.

It remains to be seen if the project will ever get off the ground because there are many hurdles to be overcome with local legislation, no to mention money-raising for the construction and for the fees that will be needed to attract F1 to the new venue. The attractiveness of a Swiss circuit is that it would offer the opportunity for teams to run cars with tobacco branding at a European event because Switzerland remains outside the European Union.

The aim appears to be to have an event in Switzerland billed, somewhat ironically, as the European Grand Prix.