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APRIL 21, 2004

Verstappen making a comeback?

Jos Verstappen's website has confirmed a meeting that took place earlier this week between Eddie Jordan and Trust chief executive Michel Perridon in Dordrecht, in Holland. Jos Verstappen's manager Raymond Vermeulen was also present at the meeting, which underlines the fact that there are talks going on between the three parties. The fact that Jordan signed up Giorgio Pantano for the season could now be a problem for Jordan because if Pantano's backers are paying up it is not going to be easy for Jordan to drop the Italian to make way for Verstappen. Pantano has been struggling to date and has been overshadowed by Nick Heidfeld and that could in theory at least provide grounds for Jordan to switch to Verstappen although that might lead to legal action between the various parties, which is something that would do Jordan no good at all.

The fact that Pantano is not performing is decidedly odd given his obvious ability in other formulae and there is a sound argument that all that the Italian needs is a little bit more time in the car and a little less pressure. Alas, these are luxuries in Formula 1 although it must be said that one good performance from the Italian would probably put the rumours to rest for a while.

The other issue is one of money as Pantano is committed to bringing $5m to the team. In order to get Verstappen in, Trust is going to need to offer Jordan more than that.