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APRIL 16, 2004

Silverstone examines Paul Ricard

One of the problems in recent years at Silverstone has been the fact that many of the members of the British Racing Drivers' Club have not seen the new circuits being built around the world and have assumed that Bernie Ecclestone's criticism of Silverstone is based on a desire to get control of the circuit. Ecclestone does want appear to want to win control of Silverstone so that build a world-class facility at the track. Increasingly members of the BRDC are seeing this as the best route forward although as the BRDC will also need to invest in the circuit, it needs to understand what it is that Bernie is looking for. Thus the visit by BRDC chairman Ray Bellm to Paul Ricard is a significant happening. Bellm went away impressed by the facilities at Paul Ricard, which Ecclestone reconstructed as a testing facility a couple of years ago. Bellm says taht he now understands what Ecclestone wants to see at Silverstone.

Now it is just a question of money...