Toyota and Jordan

Giorgio Pantano, Bahrain GP 2004

Giorgio Pantano, Bahrain GP 2004 

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Jordan Grand Prix is believed to be negotiating to use Toyota engines and gearboxes in 2005. The deal, which is believed to be a similar to the arrangement between Ferrari and Sauber, may also include aerodynamic consultancy work, although there may be problems with this part of the deal as Jordan runs on Bridgestone tyres and Toyota uses Michelin and both firms will not want information leaking between the two teams.

Jordan will have to dig deep to pay for such a deal but the improved performance would possibly enable the team to find a big sponsor. There is already talk that Jordan has a big sponsor in the wings from the Middle East and it may be that there is work going on to create a similar relationship as Sauber enjoys with Petronas and Ferrari. It may not be a deal that will get Jordan back in the winner's circle but it will get him to a situation where the team can survive and begin to build up again.

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