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FEBRUARY 18, 2004

More about the likely new Mercedes-Benz boss

Dr Wolfgang Bernhard is the man expected to be named as the new boss of Mercedes-Benz next year when Jurgen Hubbert retires.

Bernhard's career with Mercedes suggests that he will have a good understanding of the need for a sporting programme, as he was managing-director of the Mercedes-AMG subsidiary in 1999. AMG builds high performance cars for Mercedes-Benz, it success based on success on the race tracks.

Bernhard is an electrical engineer but also has a masters degree in business from Columbia University in New York. His doctorate was on International Exchange Rate Risks. In 1992-1993 he carried out a study of how Mercedes-Benz could cut costs and increase productivity. he joined Mercedes in 1994 and managed the launch and production of the Mercedes S-Class before moving on to AMG. He was appointed to be chief operating officer of Chrysler in November 2000.