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FEBRUARY 17, 2004

Trust to split with Verstappen?

Trust Computers says that it will continue to support Jos Verstappen - but only if he has a different management.

"If any opportunities to get a seat in Formula 1 occur this year, Trust will go for it," said Michel Perridon of Trust. "We will not miss out on it because of the demands of Jos Verstappen's management."

The announcement suggests that Perridon is keen that Verstappen splits with his longtime manager Huub Rothengatter. This may be easier said than done because there is a logn-established legal arrangement between Verstappen and Rothengatter and Perridon has to be careful to avoid any suggestion that he is trying to incite Verstappen to break his contract - which is, in itself, an offence.

Trust says that it wants to be active in motor racing and isn looking at the available options, one of which would be to go to Jordan without Verstappen.