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FEBRUARY 13, 2004

Testing costs more than racing!

Frank Williams says that cutting costs in Formula 1 is important and that the obvious way to do it is to cut testing but that cannot happen because Ferrari is blocking any restriction.

"Ferrari has a test track right outside its factory and they are fighting to keep testing. I understand that but testing costs us more than racing and costs are being driven up because there is money available."

Williams said that he does not have a problem with teams being allowed to sell cars to one another.

"We are cool about it," he said.

Williams added that he felt that the smaller F1 teams will survive.

"If fighting spirit is anything to go by they will make it," he said.

But he added that he does not see a deal between the car manufacturers and the Formula One group being soon.

"The prospect of peace in our time is very slim," he said. "It is not going to be sorted out in a few months."

Williams said that he is worried about some of the European legislation.

"The Working Time Directive will destroy British Formula 1." he said. "If you are mute you are liable to get screwed."

But Williams does not see F1 teams F1 teams decamping to the Middle East.

"The infrastructure is in Britain," he said. "All I know is that the know-how is all in Europe and it has very limited availability. Any good business depends on its people."