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FEBRUARY 12, 2004

Williams says talks still on with Ralf

Ralf Schumacher and the Williams team are still talking, despite their failure to agree on financial terms for a new contract from next year.

"We have agreed to pass on the problem of money," Williams said. "We will start talking at the midseason. We have to spend money carefully because unlike the other big team there is no-one for us to run to."

Williams admits that the team does have a list of potential replacements for Juan Pablo Montoya and Schumacher but refuses to name any names. Williams admitted that the team did talk to Rubens Barrichello "a bit" and that the team has a high opinion of both Jenson Button and Mark Webber.

"Jenson is a great driver," said Williams. "He's got it coming to him - in a nice way! He was charming and uncomplicated when he was with us in 2000 and he seems to be more mature now. We had the choice to keep him then but we had made such an investment in Juan Pablo that we decided to go with him."

"We have always thought Mark Webber was very good," he said. "A real charger."

Williams said that "nothing is impossible" but added that there is no rush for the team to make a decision.