Work progressing in Monaco

The work to upgrade the racing circuit at Monaco has been continuing quietly in recent months with the esplanade overlooking on the Quai Albert 1 to the south of the Swimming Pool being doubled in size to make way for the eventual construction of the new Formula 1 pitlane, which will be much more like normal F1 facilites and not the narrow and dangerous alleyway it is today.

The current work will mean that the original track between the Swimming Pool and Rascasse will be covered by a structure on top of which the pitlane will be located in 2005. One the third stage of constuction is completed for the 2005 race, work will begin to do the same to the north of the Swimming Pool. This will mean that the esplanade overlooking Tabac will increase in size, which will enable the huge grandstands in that area to be raised so that more of the circuit will be visible.

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