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FEBRUARY 5, 2004

Ferrari signs licensing agreement with Lego

Ferrari has signed a three-year licensing agreement with Lego, the world famous Danish producer of toy building blocks. The deal includes development of the Lego Racers line and includes Ferrari single-seater models and a full Formula 1 set up that includes the pit area and podium.

The 'Lego Racers' line will be distributed to toyshops during 2004 and was announced yesterday at the Toy Fair in Numberg. The presentation of the new line included a life-size Ferrari single-seater constructed from 146,000 Lego bricks and fitted with original Bridgestone tires.

"A market niche with the highest growth potential for the development of the Ferrari brand is that of children's toys", declared Alberto Crippa, Director of Ferrari Licensing and Merchandising. "This new and significant collaboration with Lego is an important move in this direction, as, like Ferrari, Lego has been able to expand and yet maintain its identity as market leader, thanks to its competence and creative capacity."

The BMW-Williams Team has had a licensing agreement with Lego for the past two years that offers the 'Williams F1 Team Racer' which has been a successful product line for Lego.