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FEBRUARY 5, 2004

Verstappen and Jordan

The second Jordan seat remains open and it seems that Eddie Jordan is content to sit back and play the various rivals off against one another, in the knowledge that when all is said and done he will end up with more money. Jordan has a solid offer on the table from Verstappen, believed to be worth in the region of $10m. From this Verstappen must be paid and that means that in reality the sponsorship is probably worth less and maybe worth as little as $7m a year. This means that Jos has about as much money as then likes of Satoshi Motoyama and Giorgio Pantano and slightly more than the much-rumoured extra &6m from Benson & Hedges for a British driver.

The question therefore is whether or not Jordan has any preference of drivers as the financial element of all of them is fairly similar. One way or the other a decision is due soon because whoever is chosen must get some time in the car before the new season begins.

In the meantime all the speculation does no harm at all as it keeps Jordan in the spotlight