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FEBRUARY 3, 2004

Jordan and B&H confirm 2004 deal

Jordan Grand Prix has announced continuing sponsorship from Benson & Hedges. Gallaher Group PLC, which owns the Benson & Hedges brand has been funding Jordan since 1996 but it is not yet clear whether B&H will have the same level as sponsorship as last year or whether the deal will be reduced. Last year the company featured on the sidepods, the nose and the front and rear wings. At Silverstone yesterday the team ran a car with B&H only the side of the nose but the sidepods were not B&H. It is worth noting that the team appears to have lost its backing from Liqui Moly, CCTV, Shanghai and Damovo although it has increased the deal with Gametrac.

It is possible that B&H may still get the sidepods if a deal is not struck with Jos Verstappen but as the car running at Silverstone featured Trust sponsorship it is possible that Verstappen has already secured the drive. Having said that one would have expected to see Muermans on the car if Jos has signed a deal but the car testing at Silverstone had no obvious backing from the real estate firm.

The sidepods featured signage for Lazarus, which is believed to be a joke.