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FEBRUARY 3, 2004

The FIA favours chassis sales

Max Mosley, speaking at his annual pre-season media lunch, said that he believes that Formula 1 teams should be allowed to sell chassis to one another.

"We have to keep at least 10 teams," Mosley said, "and the only way to keep them in business is with affordable engines and to help them avoid having big bills for research and development. It would necessitate a change in the Concorde Agreement but if it was down to me I would open it up and let the market rip. That would be to everyone's advantage."

Mosley said that no-one was really blocking the move.

"They are thinking about it," he said. "It is being discussed in a positive way."

Mosley said that he believes that at the moment F1 is "dangerously expensive" and said that it is necessary for the sport to make sure that the manufacturers involved get enough out of the sport.

"In the longer term manufacturers must be satisfied with what they get in relation to what they put in."

Mosley said that one way of achieving his goals was to introduce a Manufacturers' Championship, which would go to the mos successful engine manufacturer, with points going to customers as well as factory-backed teams. This would encourage them to supply their engines to more teams.