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DECEMBER 29, 2003

A couple of days left for French GP

Most of France is on holiday at the moment and there is virtually no hope of the Federation Francaise du Sport Automobile being able to get the problems surrounding the French Grand Prix sorted out before the FIA deadline of January 1.

The FFSA announced before Christmas that it had the money needed to do a deal with Formula One Administration but then the regional council of Burgundy blocked the planned 2004 budget and this will not be discussed again until January 2 at the earliest, the day after the FIA deadline.

Even if that problem can be solved the FFSA must still get the agreement of the 10 Formula 1 teams for them to take part in what would be an 18th race in the Formula 1 World Championship.

The only hope is that Bernie Ecclestone will be able to convince the teams to take as part of the settlement currently being discussed over the future of Formula 1. Ecclestone will obviously gain if there is a French GP but having to pay the teams $2m apiece is not something he will be keen on doing.

The French have already said that they have no intention of paying any money to the teams. In the circumstances it is hard to see how any deal is going to be possible.