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DECEMBER 18, 2003

FIA plans new structure

The quiet announcement last week that the FIA is to set up a Motor Sport Safety Institute, "in order to better coordinate the research activities of the FIA in motor sport safety" passed almost unnoticed. It is nonetheless significant as it means that the FIA Foundation will undertake much less motor sport work (if any) and will concentrate its activities on the crash-testing and developing new technologies for the automobile. The Motor Sport Institute will be funded by the FIA rather than the foundation and it is expected that it will be headed by Professor Sid Watkins and run on a day-to-day basis by Peter Wright.

The Institute will undertake research on all safety-related aspects of the sport, ranging from the design of circuits to rescue and medical facilities.

The FIA administration will continue to legislate for the sport; while the FIA Academy will recognise those who have made important contributions to the sport.