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DECEMBER 10, 2003

Minardi to try out Aussie youngsters

Paul Stoddart says that he is planning to help out Australian youngsters Will Davison and Will Power with test runs in his cars next year.

"A test drive will not guarantee they get to F1," said Stoddart, who is currently in Australia, "but it should be very good experience for them. I'd obviously love to see another Aussie come through and make it to F1."

Stoddart has yet to decide on who will drive for his team in 2004 but there are no signs that there are any Australians in the picture unless someone can up with a large hcunk of money to make it happen. The only likelihood of that would be if Toyota decided to pay for Ryan Briscoe to learn the F1 ropes with Minardi and there has so far been no hint of that happening.

A number of drivers are trying to find the funding to secure a Minardi drive but as no-one has been signed, it seems that no-onee has yet come up with the cash needed.