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DECEMBER 5, 2003

A new pit road in Melbourne

Work is nearly finished on a new pit road in Albert Park in preparation for the 2004 Australian GP. The pitlane entry road has been made considerably quicker with the removal of a chicane and with the pitlane speed limits being raised next year there are likely to be three-stop strategies in Melbourne in next year.

The pit lane speed limit will rise from 80kmh to 100kmh at all Formula 1 venues in 2004 as part of the plan to improve the racing by cutting time off the pitstops and thus making it more advantageous to stop more often.

The changes are sure to add new dimensions to the tactical battles between the likes of the Ferrari, Williams and McLaren.

"New rules introduced to Formula 1 in 2003 have already made the sport much more competitive and exciting, and the things happening for 2004 will further enhance the spectacle for our track patrons and the huge global television audience," said the Chairman of the Australian Grand Prix Corporation, Ron Walker.