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DECEMBER 3, 2003

Heidfeld and Jordan

The Jordan team has yet to make any official announcement about its drivers for 2003 but reports from Germany say that the team has reached an agreement with Nick Heidfeld. The German will test for the team this week in Jerez and, according to his manager Werner Heinz, has agreed to take a big cut in salary to join Jordan. This is no surprise as Heidfeld is out of work in F1 if he cannot land a seat because he would not be allowed to work as a test driver because of the rule stating that test drivers on Fridays at Grands Prix must not have raced in more than six events in the previous two years.

It seems however that Heidfeld's deal is dependent on money changing hands. This presumably will come from sponsors willing to support Heidfeld's cause as Jordan has made no secret of the fact that it is looking for money from its drivers in 2004.